The best of 2017


You know that feeling when you’re at home doing your stuff and all of a sudden you realize your kid is somewhere in the house but too quiet for too long??? Guess what!? He’s certainly having some kind of fun!

During 2017 I was one of those kids – pretty quiet, not active on social networks or my web, but boy, the activities in my ‘real’ life and the ideas in my crazy head were awesome! I’ve studied a lot, I’ve read a lot, I’ve made a lot of friendships with wonderful people, I danced, I laughed. I dared. I dreamed. I aimed to positivity. I spread love. And love was returned back to me.

Here’s a little preview of what was I creating.

Dear people, thank you for choosing me to be part of your moments! Thank you for making me jump into cold water and letting me explore various stuff! And thank you for being the way you are because you are wonderful!!!

Hope we’ll see again and again and again. And again!

#the three of us

Parents with one kid are especially eager of making this kind of unique memories.

#whoopsy daisy

Sometimes things make a slight turn…

#mmmm it’s delicious

#environmental portraits

#shhhh! it’s quiet!

#happy place


#when everybody says yes!


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