There is one little boy I owe so much of this kind of legacy. There’s always not enough time (or will) for him. But there’s always inspiration.

His name is Vili. This is a story about him and his amigos.  

All three of them were born within 2 weeks, met together in the nursery and attracted each other from the very beginning. Their energy connected the rest of. We became a tribe.  

These little men are pure male, with very similar preferences towards swords, guns, fight, violence and in the same time, enormous awareness and love for each other. Kidding on the violence stuff. 🙂

One day we went on a mission and masked you as warriors even though the carnival was far away. I think it was a coincidence that it was day of armed forces, here, in our little land. Or maybe it wasn’t? It started as a play and turned out into something bigger.

You see, little innocent warriors, this sleepy land craves for your spirit. We should learn more from you. While fighting imaginary enemies you showed unity and friendship. You showed which human values should be cherished. You showed love for each other.

Little guerrilla, fight for free spirit, always doubt, fight for what’s right, move mountains, believe in yourself, do it. Just do it, do not hesitate. The power of love is inside you, never let it go.

As one guy said – your vibe will bring your tribe. Believe in it!

Happy birthday, my warm love. You are my fuel. <3 :*

(cut the crap – we gotta get out of this hood!) 😀