Something different – Day in the kindergarten

By the end of the last year I had a privilege to participate as the main actor in a miracle story called Day in the kindergarten!

After getting back from my two weeks summer annual leave, where I had done nothing with brain and everything with heart, I came up with an idea to make a Day in the kindergarten documentary photography shoot, spend a whole day with kids in the kindergarten and photo document what kids were actually doing during the time they are left ‘all alone’, without their precious and protective parents!?

As a (female) parent myself 🙂 , million questions are going through my mind. How his day was and what was he doing? What was he laughing at and what made him sad? Is he being the same person like home or taking some other role? Is he a leader or being led? Is he willing to cooperate and how?  Who are his friends and what occupies them… And you probably understand – the list is not exhaustive. 😉

With the opportunity in my hands to make it visible and tell it like it was, the forces of the universe connected me with two wonderful (and crucial) persons, Blaženka and Jelena, owning and working in  Čarobni svijet kindergarten in Zagreb. Loving, caring, positive and supportive. And believe me, being that way is not so ordinary over here, unfortunately.

Because of the latter, I went to a meeting prepared for serious voices and business talks. And found two young ladies with the same love and passion towards their job, which they also recognized in me, and were willing to support me with everything I needed. I thought I had fallen from Mars.

On the other side, Blaženka also wisely took her chance and  added value to their portfolio by providing this kind of everlasting products, which parents will enjoy now and even more as time went by.

It melted my heart when I saw my project as an item on the parent’s meeting agenda. I went there and presented myself and the idea. Talking in front of the audience and exposing my self instead of hiding behind the camera is really not my thing. So I was a bit nervous, but strong. And I did it. It was around those days that I had read a quote from a book by Mary Ellen Mark saying that every new shoot she went into was always like jumping into cold water. That’s  exactly what I did and the feeling was liberating.

And then one day, on Friday 13th we created these.

I connected with every each of them and saw them with the same eyes. They’re all MaMagare’s little kiddos.

Respecting couple of parents’ opinions not to publish pictures of their children publicly, I must say the gallery is a tiny bit impoverished, for  some unique jewels are hidden over there.

Nevertheless… It was a good day, that day!

Can you feel it too!? ❤

For closing words, I believe these kind of projects will fulfill our future family legacy in a way that we’re not even aware of today. For me, it was emotional, warm and lovable experience, which caused serious muscle ache in the following days.

I would be honored if I could help some of you satisfy your own curiosity and afford yourself something like this!

Please feel free to inquire for the offer and the available dates!

And now enjoy!


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