#boymomdiarrhy: Earthquake in the middle of pandemic

#boymomdiarrhy: Earthquake in the middle of pandemic

This was our first sleepover in new house. Schools were already closed due to COVID19. Tvrtko is watching online class, Pavle is sleeping and Vili is floating somewhere.

The house was far from fully equipped but still it was able to host us for, as we thought back then, a test sleepover. Just to feel it.

I haven’t slept very well that first night, like when you change the environment, all your senses are distracted with new lighting, new noises. 

The next day we went back to our old, cozy, lovable apartment on 12th floor thinking house will wait a bit more. How wrong we were!

Five days later we moved for good. Just like that. 

On Sunday morning, 22nd March 2020, around 5 AM Pavle was awake. I changed his diaper and gave him his favorite sleeping pill. I watched him, he watched me, we were both incredibly calm and happy. We both fell easily asleep again.

Oh that sweet first dream!

I’m dreaming about our apartment and feeling incredible nostalgia, thinking how I love it, how much love and growth inside those walls, how many beginnings.

Our three little humans. 

In my dream I’m starting to cry and half asleep becoming aware of my crying grimace in reality. 

In that moment I hear terrifying noise from the outside. Where am I, what is going on!?

Chandelier shaking, closet drawers opening, stuff falling down. Me instinctively grabbing Pavle, waking up Tvrtko and leaving our bedroom. In the living room my mother in law dragging Vili. Luckily she was collected enough to move us underneath load bearing wall. 

Is this a dream? Or just unbelievable reality?

There we were standing while our gigantic skyscraper was gently swinging, from left to right, still hearing that violent noise.

Me holding my 3 months old baby, with other two around me, feeling insignificantly small and helpless, waiting this earth force to finish it’s scary symphony. 

When it passed, my heart was beating, my legs were shaking, As our dad is far away from us, I was just incredibly grateful to have had this strong, sober women beside me cause if it wasn’t her, I don’t know what would I do. There was so much luck in that ugly occurrence.

This major motherfucker earthquake was followed by a couple of more. We packed our stuff and left our messy, congested apartment where we have lived for the past 9 years.

Didn’t even know it was a goodbye.

Unexpectedly, unpredictably, unplanned, name all the un’s, that is how our new life in our new house started. With a strong freaking earthquake in the middle of pandemic, two brave woman and three little kids.

That night was not easy to fall asleep, ears were hearing unhearable. I was thankful we already had our first sleepover. 

We are still living without room doors. And we are still freezing on louder noise.

Um… did I mention that morning started to snow also!? Yes, it did.

Zagreb hit by earthquake while in coronavirus lockdown: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/22/croatia-earthquake-causes-widespread-damage-zagreb

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I imagined #boymomdiarrhy to be my family diary from the perspective of a mum of three boys and a wife of one man. 🙃 I never had problems with starting, but staying persistant is a always a challenge. Wish me luck!


  1. Ana

    I love your stories and your sincerity in them! And I find them quite entertainig. I experienced the same earthquake but in a house, and I can only imagine how terrifying it was high in a skyscraper.


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