Sunset surfing

Sunset surfing

Summer is my favorite part of year…

Releasing my body from the weight of layers of clothes and my mind from misgiving feeling of cold it represents true sense of freedom. Wearing couple of pieces od clothes, enjoying light breeze, you can wander wherever you want for as long as you want…

I love it’s long days and at the end of the day I mostly enjoy astonishing canvases sun creates for us every evening.

Summer is also part of the year for making new experiences and creating most valuable memories.

Here are my boys enjoying this summer, my 7 year old first time on surfboard, he is doing quite well. The other one is yet too small for board but nevertheless he is fully enjoying his life.

All in all, life is good! ❤️

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  2. Sharleen

    Windsurfing is not easy and so I congratulate your son for getting up on the boat and actually surfing. My husband had one when we were much younger and I remember it was not an easy time raising the sail out of the water. It looks like you had a wonderful time away.

    1. MaMagare

      Thank you! I haven’t ried it myself but I believe you it is hard. The super true fact then is that obviously kids are much more competent than we are 😉

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