Dubrovnik in 2020

Dubrovnik in 2020

This Summer we were very close to Dubrovnik so we were curious how this town looks like in these awkward times of corona virus.

After we had some coffee, we headed to an exhibition centre of war and conflict photojournalism. From sunny, summerish streets of the old city to rough themes like this, it took us a while to adapt. 

dubrovačke zidine ljeto 2020
na ulazu u grad dubrovnik

We all went in and even though the kids were playing with some cards most of the time, I concidered they are old enough to point them to the pictures and the story behind. Not much but just a bit. To get wider and unfortunately sadder picture of the children around the world. To click that little button of awareness and gratefulness inside them. 

I was soaking up the photos, shaken and cowered, thinking… oh how lucky we are and how absurd this suffering is. 

The feelings were intensified with the permanent collection ‘The end of Yougoslavia’, covering war in my country and surrounding countries. Going back 30 years ago, in my childhood, remebering lots of the moments, now seeing them in another perspective. 

It’s not that I was imaging it other way but I was astonished by the vicinity of the photojournalists to the action. I guess subjectivity playes a big role in comprehention. Impressive. 

u posjeti war photo limited muzej ratne fotografije  dubrovnik
dječak gleda sliku dječaka rođenog za vrijeme rata u bosni i hercegovini. srebrenica. fotografija tarik samarah
pavle u maclaren kolicima na polupraznom stradunu, dubrovnik, kolovoz 2020

The rest of the day we enjoyed walking through rather empty streets. Even though with three kids, I tried my best to notice interesting details around me. Both husband and I were thrilled seeing this old school way of laundry drying.

dvije gospođe gledaju robu obješenu na prozoru, dubrovnik, kolovoz 2020

We would walk and stop to rest.

u pauzi od razgledavanja, otac s trojicom sinova, svatko radi svoj posao, dubrovnik, kolovoz 2020

Traces of pigeons on closed sunshades.

tragovi golubova na spuštenim suncobranima, kolovz 2020, dubrovnik
dva goluba stoje na vratima iznad apartmana s dvije zvjezdice
vrata od pila suveniri dubrovnik 2020

This is it. New normal, new reality, 2020. I still cannot believe this is really happening.

pile gate, dubrovnik 2020, tourists wearing masks, empty dubrovnik

Welcome (and goodbye) to Dubrovnik and wash your hands.

welcome to dubrovnik, 2020, covid, stay safe, sveti vlaho, pile gate

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  2. Sharleen

    You know that I am super envious of you being there 🙂 I should have been walking those walls this week. I loved seeing your take on the city and your mentioning of Yugoslavia reminded me of my friend’s beautiful mother. She grew up on Yugoslavia, as did her mother. She was one of the kindest ladies I have ever met. Perhaps next year we will do the trip. These beautiful old cities have so many stories to tell.


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